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  Evaluation Form



West Shore Recreation Commission, in its continuing effort to add growth and quality to its programs, requests your honest evaluation of the program in which you have participated. We appreciate your time and will consider your assessment and suggestions. 
Complete online, print out, then scan and return to wsrec@wsrec.org or fax, mail or drop-off.


Approx. Starting Date:

1. The program was beneficial and enjoyable.

2. The program was well organized.

3. The program was a positive learning experience.

4. The cost of the program was fair for the service offered.

5. The days and times the program was offered were suitable.

6. Adequate equipment was provided.

7. The program would be recommended by me to others.


8. The instructor was well prepared.

9. The instructor had a thorough knowledge of the subject matter.

10. The instructor provided enthusiasm and encouragement.

11. The instructor was aware of safety precautions.

12. The student/teacher ratio was satisfactory.

13. The instructor would be recommended by me to others.


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How you learned of this activity (select one):

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