West Shore Recreation Commission



Lemoyne Community

Swimming Pool 




2019 Pool Hours

12-8 pm

May 25 through September 2
except weekdays when school is in session.

See list below.


Pool Location:  94 Herman Avenue, Lemoyne PA 17043


Walk-in Rate (ages 4-adult):   Cost:
Monday-Friday, 12-8 pm   $10
Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays, 12-8 pm   $12
Evenings, 5-8 pm   $5
School Days, 4-8 pm (in May, June & August)   $5

  Season Pass:

2019 Swimming Pool Pass Application


Please note:

→  Anyone entering the facility must pay the admission fee regardless
     of whether you plan on swimming or not.


→  Children 3 years and younger are free. Proof of age may be requested.

→  Children 10 years of age and younger must be accompanied at all times by a responsible person 16 years of age or older who will accept the responsibility for the safety and conduct of the child.  The pool staff reserves the right to increase the minimum age requirement of the responsible person at any time.

→  The Family Pass is available for parent(s) and any of their unmarried children 22 years or age and under who are residing in the same household. children 3 years of age and under are free and are not included in the family count. Cousins, nieces, nephews, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, baby-sitters, etc. are not eligible for inclusion in the Family Pass.

→  Season Passes may be used solely in lieu of payment of the daily admission fee.  
A Season Pass provides no guarantee of pool availability or access.


→  Maximum Capacity for the Lemoyne Pool Facility is 250

          ►  When maximum capacity is reached, pool staff must restrict
          access to the facility until current patrons exit for the
          remainder of the day.

          ►  Access will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis to
          those waiting in line to enter the facility.

     ►  Maximum capacity is often reached when the air temperature
          reaches close to 90 degrees and above, as well as in the
          evenings close to 5:00 pm when the walk-in admission rate is
          discounted to $5.



→  The Borough WILL NOT Issue Refunds for Season Passes or Daily Admission.


Group Rates and Pool Parties Available

Contact Lemoyne Borough Office at 717-737-6843.



School Hours (4-8 pm) when school is in session:


May 28, 29, 30, 31
June 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
August 26, 27, 28, 29






Pool Rules:

All patrons must be familiar with and abide by the Lemoyne Community Swimming Pool facility rules and policies. The rules are in place for the safety and enjoyment of all patrons.


Pool Safety Rules       Pool Policies



Please be aware of Rule # 6 prior to visiting the pool: 

For public health reasons "Only approved swim wear will be worn in the pool Ė no street clothes or cut-offs allowed.Ē

If you enter the pool water with street clothes or cut-offs you may be asked to get out of the pool by a Lifeguard or Pool Manager.  You will not be entitled to a refund of your entry fee.

Bathing suits made specifically for swimming that have adequate coverage. Male suits have a built-in liner.
Infants and toddlers must wear a swim diaper under a swimsuit.
Clean t-shirts with a swimsuit.

Not Acceptable:

         Mesh or basketball shorts
         Cotton or denim shorts
         Regular or sports bras
         Sweatpants and sweatshirts
         Socks, street shoes

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Lemoyne Community Swimming Pool

Pool Rules


1.  Swim only when a lifeguard is on duty.

2.  No diving into the pool.

3.  Anyone suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted on the pool property.

4.  Do not enter the pool with open cuts or sores, bandages/band-aids, communicable disease or rashes.

5.  All swimmers are required to shower by state law before entering the pool.

6.  Only approved swim wear will be worn in the pool; no street clothes or cut-offs allowed.

7.  Street shoes must be removed before entering the pool.

8.  All infants and toddlers and any incontinent person must wear a disposable swim diaper or vinyl pants.

9.  Running, pushing, profane language, disrobing, unsanitary action, property damage, horseplay or any behavior causing disturbance is prohibited in the pool, pool area, or bath house.

10. No loitering on or around pool steps or ladders.

11. Do not hang on the ropes.

12. In case of emergency or accident, even if it is small, report it immediately to the nearest lifeguard and follow his/her instructions.

13. No food or beverages are permitted in the swimming area of the pool.

14. No glass containers of any kind are permitted on the pool property.

15. Smoking and the use of tobacco products is not permitted on the pool property.

16. Management staff has the right to prohibit objectionable items or behavior not included in these rules.

The rules are designed to ensure the health and safety of patrons of all ages and abilities. While we wish that you have an enjoyable experience, for safety and security reasons we must enforce the rules. Thank you for your cooperation. 



Lemoyne Community Swimming Pool

Policies and Procedures

1. All patrons swim at their own risk.

2. All patrons must sign in or present a season pass before entering the pool area. When signing in the patron acknowledges receipt of pool rules and agrees to be bound by them.

3. Anyone allowing another person to use their season pass may result in suspension of pool privileges.

4. No child under age 10 years will be allowed in the pool area during open swim periods unless accompanied by an adult.

5. Parents/guardians are responsible for the direct supervision of all children under their care at all times.

6. The pool staff will not be responsible for lost items. Persons bringing valuables do so at their own risk.

7. The lifeguard may refuse a swimmer admission to any area of the pool if the swimmer does not exhibit sufficient skill.

8.  The pool must be completely cleared whenever the lifeguards blow their whistles for a safety check.

9. Unless there is an emergency, no person shall talk to or otherwise distract the attention of the lifeguard while they are on the guard stand.

10. In the event a person refuses to follow the instructions of a guard or Borough employee in a disciplinary matter, said person will be subject to suspension or revocation of their recreation privileges.

11. You share the water with everyone in the pool.  With your help we can help prevent the spread of illnesses.  Protect yourself and others at the pool with healthy swimming practices.  Here are eight P-L-E-As that promote healthy swimming:

PLEASE take a shower before swimming.

PLEASE donít swim when you have diarrhea or if you are sick.

PLEASE donít swallow the pool water.

PLEASE donít swim with open wounds or sores or skin rashes.

PLEASE do not defecate or urinate in the pool.

PLEASE wash your hands after using the toilet or after changing diapers.

PLEASE check diapers often and change them in a bathroom, not at pool side or on a picnic table.

PLEASE wash your child thoroughly (especially the rear end) with soap and water after changing diapers.

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Healthy Swimming

Six Steps for Healthy Swimming

Center for Disease Control


Lemoyne Pool Facebook Page








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